Buckeye Pretzel Pops

buckeye pops 6

I’m pretty sure that any treat you can put on a stick, can make it a little better (& quite possibly, easier to eat).  I remixed this classic buckeye recipe by putting them on a cookie or candy stick, & dipping the bottoms in crushed pretzels (right after the chocolate) creating a buckeye pretzel pop.  Put them in a little baggie with a bow & they make a precious package for a little holiday treat/ gift!  And um, sweet & salty? Yes.

(side note: I recommend using a peanut butter that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, like Jif, they tend to be a little more sturdy at room temperature).

buckeye pops 1

buckeye pops 2

buckeye pops 3


buckeye pops 5


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2 Responses to Buckeye Pretzel Pops

  1. Rachel @ Bakerita says:

    Yum! These looks absolutely amazing. I love the pretzel addition to give a little saltiness to the mix!

  2. Amanda says:

    These look like a ton of fun! Nice pictures.

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